Castles and museums

A special feature of the Spessart are its beautiful castles and palaces. Their impressive architecture and the important museums of these cultural monuments allow you to travel back in time to the past of the Spessart.

Pfad 16


Foto: ©Touristinformation Lohr a.Main

Spessartmuseum im Kurmainzer Schloss in Lohr

In the middle of the old town, Lohr Castle houses the Spessart Museum. Snow White herself awaits you and the Spessart robbers lurk in the cellar. The bitter poverty of the former Spessart inhabitants is just as much a topic as the economic factor of the forest.

Insulator Museum

This unique private collection includes more than 600 insulators from 40 countries. Probably the smallest museum in the world, each floor measures just 2.5 meters square. The museum director welcomes you personally and knows exciting things to tell about the topic of high voltage current.

Foto: ©Touristinformation Lohr a.Main

Foto: ©Touristinformation Lohr a.Main

School Museum in Lohr-Sendelbach

The municipal school museum is known beyond the region. It is considered to be the most attractive house of its kind. The 3,000 exhibits show learning and teaching in the imperial era as well as school in the Third Reich. Go on a really exciting journey through time here!

Residence of the Prince Bishops in Würzburg

The Würzburg Residence is the main work of the southern German Baroque and also one of the most important palaces in Europe. As early as 1981, UNESCO included it - as the third building in Germany - in the list of objects belonging to the World Heritage.

Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg

The Marienberg Fortress is located just a stone's throw from the center of Würzburg on the left bank of the Main River. It is surrounded by vines and looks down on the old university town with its domes, towers and bridges.

Renaissance castle Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg

The red sandstone castle is one of the most important and beautiful buildings in the Mannerist style.

Castle Mespelbrunn

Mespelbrunn Castle is located in a secluded Spessart valley, between Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. Due to its hidden location, the castle survived all wars unscathed and has been preserved in its original form. Even today it attracts as a filming location for the classic movie "Das Wirtshaus im Spessart".