Be active

Hiking and biking: It is not for nothing that Lohr is also called the "Gateway to the Spessart". The forest around the city invites you to hike, walk, jog or mountain bike with well-signposted trails.

Pfad 16


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With bicycle or ebike

Whether leisurely along the Mainradweg or sporty ambitious with the mountain bike through the Spessart. Well-signposted bike paths offer suitable routes for every need. More info about the bike paths:

Walking around Lohr

Lohr and the Spessart are a real paradise for hikers. Large and small tours, for sporty and leisurely, for families and loners - here in the Räuberwald there is something for everyone.

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Foto: Naturpark Spessart e.V.

Adventure trails

Around Lohr in the Spessart there are many small adventure trails for young and old. On the children's adventure trails and nature trails there is a lot to learn about the animals, trees and plants of the forest.

Climbing forest Spessart at the Wildpark

Experience adventures in airy heights in the climbing forest Spessart at the game park in Heigenbrücken

Foto: Kletterwald Spessart

Foto: ©Touristinformation Lohr a.Main

Fun in the cool water

There is no sign of boredom in all the numerous baths in our vacation region.