Lohr am Main

With the numerous small but fine stores, the street cafés and beer gardens, the quaint wine houses and the colorful blossoms, the romantic town is reminiscent of the south, of vacations and carefree vacations.

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The romantic half-timbered town of Lohr a.Main is located on the banks of the Main River in the midst of magnificent Spessart forests. With its endearing character, Lohr a.M. is a place for connoisseurs and those seeking relaxation who appreciate cultivated hospitality. When strolling through the lively pedestrian zone, past hidden corners of the old town, peace, tranquility, but also many a surprise invite you to marvel and linger. Worth seeing are the historic fishermen's quarter, the remains of an impressive city wall with the city tower, called Bayersturm with its completely preserved turret apartment, typical Franconian half-timbered houses and historic buildings: Old City Hall, City Parish Church, Monastery Church, as well as the Kurmainzer Castle (Snow White Castle) with the Spessart Museum.

Lohr first appeared in a document in 1296. Until 1559 Lohr belonged to the Rieneckers, until 1801 it was electoral-Mainzian, since 1814 it has been royal-Bavarian. However, real Lohr residents prefer to call Lohr Franconian or Spessartian. Also, the inhabitants of Lohr, as typical Franconians, have their amiable peculiarities: They refer to themselves as Mopper, while newcomers are called Schnüdel.

Foto: ©Touristinformation Lohr a.Main Fotograf: Ernst Huber

The old town

In the lively pedestrian zone of Lohr, half-timbered houses dominate. In addition, many sights, museums, worthwhile shopping opportunities and a colorful cultural program await you.

City tours

On a guided tour of the town you get to know Lohr better. In addition to the entertaining city tours, there are historical costume tours, where you will learn curiosities and never-before-heard things about Lohr.

Foto: ©Touristinformation Lohr a.Main

Foto: ©Touristinformation Lohr a.Main

Lohr hearing benches and hearing trees

Take a break on our listening benches and listen to Lohr's stories from times gone by, or take a walk to get to know our city's tree landscape and let the tree itself tell you everything you need to know...